Inter-Process comunication

Zunbeltz Izaola zunbeltz at
Fri Nov 7 13:46:49 CET 2003


I'm writting a program to get data from a machine. I'm using wxPython
to build the GUI. I've a mehtod in a class that get the data,
something like this:

data = []
def Measure(self):
        do somehting...
        while ...
             point = getdatapoint()
        do something...

I want to plot the data in a "canvas", but i want to replot each time
a point is added to data. I don't watn to insert the code to plotting
inside the Measure (becose this code is GUI dependent). The code for
plotting is in another function DrawPlOt()

I want something like to send a signal each time the data is changed
to execute DrawPlot(). I'm no proffesional programmer and i don't know
wich technique is the best, signals, theread, anothero one ...
Any sugestions?


Zunbeltz Izaola
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