python a bust?

Brandon J. Van Every try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at
Sat Nov 15 03:20:56 CET 2003

Christopher Mahan wrote:
> I think also that when people get paid per hour, the longer the
> project, the more they make.
> Subconsiously I think, people don't necessarily want computer
> languages that are written fast.
> Now, if you're a consultant and bill "for the job" then in fact it is
> in your best interest to use a language that can be written quickly to
> do a particular set of tasks.

Or a business owner.  I want more productivity because when I write my
games, it's *my* money I'm losing.  Also as a consultant I think better
tools is a way to manage project risk.  You've got so many other ways for a
client to waste your time, to put you behind schedule, you'd like to have
your tools not be an additional way for the project to blow up in your face.

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