Using an interable in place of *args?

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Sat Nov 22 18:16:58 CET 2003 at (David M. Wilson) writes:

> Just random passing code commentary:
>       for format, field in structure:
> That avoids the triple iteration. The vars(self) call is unnecessary,
> I just think it looks cleaner. :)

Interestingly enough, I'd already swapped out the list comprehensions
for a single for loop. :^)

Some respondants seemed confused about what I was trying to do... I'm
communicating with a C program that generates datagrams from a C
structure. Many of the datagrams have, for the last two fields,
"unisigned int datasize; char data[]". I wanted a convenient way of
extracting the fields of known size, and the data blob at the end.

If others are interested in the class I've built, I can make it
available (maybe through the Cookbook web site) when it's a little
more mature.

Again, thanks for all the pointers. Although the language itself is
the first reason, the community is a close second for why I love
programming in Python.


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