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Fri Nov 21 02:16:22 CET 2003

Quoth Csaba Henk <csaba at>:
| However, its not the case: there is os.pipe() which is low-level and its
| usage is complex, and there are several popen functions which are simple to
| use, but they evaluate the given command by passing it to the shell,
| throwing me back to the middle of the quotation hell I want to escape from.
| A typical case is when one tries to find out some info about a file by
| invoking the "file" command on it: the name of the file can be (almost)
| anything, thus doing os.popen("file " + filename) gets sucked easily (here
| filename is a variable storing the name of the file). (Don't tell me there
| is a module in Python with the fucntionality of the file command [I don't
| know wheter is], I could find out many similar examples.) What would be cool
| is having a function with an execvp-like syntax: if I could do something
| like os.fancypopen('file', ['file',fname])...

You may find that popen2.popen2() already comes pretty close to this.
You may specify a command string, but you also may specify a list of
strings for execvp.  The only difference is that you supply only the
argument list, and the file to execute is inferred from its first element.

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