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Tue Nov 11 16:25:14 CET 2003

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> I have a cgi script that imports modules based on a user config
> I am suffering some performance problems when I import these
> Some logging revealed that it seems to be taking about 1.3 seconds
> import these modules. This is running on a Windows 2000 box with a
> Pentium II 400 processor, Python 2.1, Apache 1.3.19 as the web
> I don't need screaming performance numbers, but this time is
> excessive. Is it me, or does that number seem kind of slow?

How many modules are being imported?

> Any code
> optimizations or recommendations?

Don't append to sys.path.  Try sys.path.insert(0,addlpath).  Then the
import will get an immediate hit and always the right module rather
than stepping through all the preceeding directories.


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