ANN: PyKDE now does KDE plugins

Jim Bublitz jbublitzno at
Sun Nov 9 21:45:41 CET 2003

John J. Lee wrote:

> Jim Bublitz <jbublitzno at> writes:

>> John J. Lee wrote:
>> > Have you seen GCC-XML and pyste (part of Boost Python)?

>> I've looked at both just out of curiousity, but not in enough
>> detail to say anything intelligent about either. I'm very
>> comfortable with sip, and from that bias didn't see anything
>> that would make me want to switch methods.
> [...]

> I was thinking of it as a way to generate sip files, not to
> replace sip.
Wouldn't work for me (directly). I need an intermediate format
for both the h files AND the previous version's sip files to
generate the new version's sip files. I need to read in PyQt's
sip files too. That's both for versioning (change detection) and
to transfer forward any handwritten code, doc markup, ignored
methods (like the "virtualHook" stuff that's everywhere in KDE),
auxiliary code like mapped types, etc.

The same parser builds a symbol table for each set of files (the
other two above wouldn't handle sip syntax) and then merges the
two symbol tables and spits out the sip files. I also need to
build some kind of hierarchy so I can scope names - sip needs
fully-qualified names in a lot of places C++ will allow implicit
scope (eg namespaces). It took me 8-10 hours to do just scoping
manually last time I did it that way - the whole KDE generation
run takes 2-3 minutes now (everything except new handwritten
code that's needed, and those are flagged).


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