Word2000 to wxPython conversion....

Nikolai Kirsebom nikolai.NOJUNK at micon.no
Fri Nov 28 00:45:18 CET 2003

I've made a small utility which converts the content of a Microsoft
Word2000 document to wxPython code.

For some time I've used wxPython in small projects. I always have to
look up old examples when writing 'sizer' code, and I tend to spend
quite some time before getting it correct.

Some time ago I was going to implement a copy of a MFC based dialog in
wxPython. The MFC dialog did not have dynamic sizing. In order to
identify how the sizers should be implemented in wxPython, I ended up
drawing a "grid" identifying the various sizers. Then the idea of
using tables in tables was quite apparent, and the result is the
word2wx.py script and a small class-layer on top of wxPython.

Utility can be downloaded from http://www.micon.no/PythonPage.asp

Any comments / help on improving coding (in particular the parsing
system which is rather ad-hoc) will be appreciated.


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