No limit! (was: pickle complexity limit?)

Mark Hahn mark at
Mon Nov 17 18:29:08 CET 2003

Was your reply directing me to an example of how to write something that
works around the recursion limits of pickle, or was it something that could
be used directly to do pickling without the limits?  I thought it was the

In either case I apologize for my curt reply to your well thought out
answer.  I didn't realize that I had pissed you off until I finally parsed
"thanks for no further replies -- chris" as "shut up" (which is kind of rude
by the way).  One reason I had trouble parsing that is you asked me a
non-rhetorical question in the same post, which is a bit of a contradiction.

"Mark Hahn" <mark at> wrote in message
news:vPVtb.6951$iS6.1812 at fed1read04...
> "Christian Tismer" <tismer at> wrote ...
> > Mark Hahn wrote:
> >
> > > No thanks.  I'd rather spend my time finding a tool that works or even
> > > creating a new tool rather than working around a bad tool.
> >
> > Sorry? What exactly is the bad tool you are referring to?
> The bad tool is pickle.  It cannot handle arbitrary graphs, which to me is
> bug.
> > I'm slightly unhappy with the time that I spent with
> > this message, in order to get *that* answer.
> >
> I didn't mean to be unappreciative of your help.  Hopefully someone
> this group will be helped by your message.  I just don't want to try to
> around pickle's problems.
> > thanks for no further replies -- chris
> I don't know what you mean by this.

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