Microsoft Access read from linux python

Paul Rudin paul_rudin at
Mon Nov 3 12:55:46 CET 2003

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Kennedy <alanmk at> writes:

    > [David ROBERT]
    >>> I've read a lot of things about mxODBC, iODBC and so on, but
    >>> I'm still very confused, It looks like it is _not_ possible.

    > [Ben Finney]
    >> One thing to be wary of is that there is no ODBC module in
    >> Python, so you will need to read the copyright license of any
    >> third-party module you choose to use.
    >> The mxODBC module (as made by eGenix) is certainly not licensed
    >> as free software:
    >> <>

    > I meant to reply to this last week, but forgot.

    > There is a completely free (in all senses of the word) and
    > open-source ODBC module for python: It is Brian Zimmer's/Ziclix
    > zxJDBC.

    > Of course, you're not going to like that either Ben, because
    > it's in Java and runs under jython.

    > But it is a free python ODBC library.

There's also an odbc module with the win32all thing, which is free.

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