Use of GPLed Python extension modules

Paul Rubin http
Sat Nov 22 23:41:58 CET 2003

"Rainer Deyke" <rainerd at> writes:
> Either you are misinterpreting the FSF, or the FSF is wrong.  The
> FSF has no legal right to restrict the distribution of any software
> unless that software contains code which is copyrighted by the FSF.
> Whether the code may be linked to GPL code at runtime or not is
> irrelevant.  The FSF does have the legal right to restrict the use
> of its own code, but it chooses not to exercise that right: the only
> restrictions in the GPL are on the redistribution (not use) of GPL'd code.

The FSF does not agree with you, but as they say, it's something only a
court can decide.  They have stated their willingness to go to court over
the question.  No one so far has taken them up on it.

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