MS Access with VB for applications and python

Uggen Kristin T Kristin.T.Uggen at
Tue Nov 18 17:12:31 CET 2003

For the first time, I am trying to program python in a windows-environment,
and now I am having some trouble with combining python and MS Access...

This is what I want to do:
A MS Access database is started, this database has numerous VB-forms, and
one of those forms calls my python-program, so far so good. But before my
python-program quits, I want to call one of the VB-forms in the database.
This I haven't been able to find out how to do.
The database cannot be closed, it has to run all the time while my
python-program is working.

So, if anyone can help me with this, I'll be very happy!


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