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Fri Nov 14 23:33:52 CET 2003

hi all:

i want to write an application with python, but first i was checking how to set (or let the user choose) the install directory and the application data directory. 
i was reading in the documentation "Distributing Python modules" and i understood i should do 2 things to accomplish my 2 objectives (setting the install directory and setting the application data directory):

1) writing a setup.cfg configuration file in the same directory as the setup file and in it i specify the options for the install command (rather than adding them to the cmd prompt) my file went like:
install-base= C:\Program Files\pirt
2) execute something like:
>python bdist_wininst install install_scripts
to get a windows installer for my application, and in a script i could put the initialization code i want, for now simply creating a directory 

but it didn't work. i got an installer but the options were unchangeable: installation directory was C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\ (not as i specified in setup.cfg) and the script i wrote wasn't run

so in short: how can i, in unix and windows, give default values such as "C:\Program Files\myApp" and "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data" and let the user have the ability to change them (like in all install scripts), does distutils give me a neat functionality or will i go ahead and write a small python script from scratch??

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