Compressing output via pipes

Orr, Steve sorr at
Wed Nov 26 23:40:04 CET 2003

Thanks but what about os.mknode() in 2.3? The docs don't say it's UNIX

So without named pipes support in windoze there isn't ANYWAY to do this?

Windoze sucks.

Any possible non-portable pythonic way to do this in *nix?

Thanks again.

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"Orr, Steve" <sorr at> writes:

> Oracle provides an export utility (exp) and I have a shell script 
> which compresses its output (not stdout) thru a pipe but l need a 
> platform portable Python script for this.

How platform portable? If you want to do this on Windows, you're
basically out of luck, as Windows doesn't support named pipes like this.

If you're talking just Unix variants, I'd guess that a minimal shell
script is as portable as you need.

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