Matrix - Metaphors, Analogies and the REAL

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> If you are not interested, then don't bitch, its a short message.
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People who think the Matrix series of films are real in any way are amongst
the saddest people on Earth.

Its OK to like a movie, sure.  Even being a super-fan is allright.  I like
Star Wars series a lot, I have 4 or 5 Star Wars games, I own all the movies.
But I don't wander into AMIGA (or for that matter, ANY) newsgroups and start
theorizing on how I can use the Dark Side of the Force ... in random,
meaningless spurts of convulted text.  This is because I know its just a

You should really try to get out more.

The Matrix series of movies are just movies.  And not even GOOD movies.  No
reality to them at all.  Seek help if you think otherwise.


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