Matlab, GUIs and Cygwin

John Hunter jdhunter at
Sun Nov 16 01:11:51 CET 2003

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Eichelberger <mje_orlando at> writes:

    Jay> Greetings.  I am using Python under Cygwin.  I'm trying to do
    Jay> some statistical charts.  The Matlab looked likely, but it
    Jay> uses GTK.  

matplotlib *used* to require GTK, but not since version 0.2.  Note
however, that matplotlib with GTK runs great under windows and is an
easy install.  See the Win32 Quickstart Guide at

Also, Jeremy O'Donoghue has implemented the matplotlib wx backend, so
you can also use it with wxpython on windows or linux.  There is a
development version of the wx backend in the current matplotlib-0.32
version on the sourceforge site, which isn't complete but is working
pretty well.  I expect there will be a complete implementation of the
wx backend in about 2 weeks.

Just out of curiosity: I use python on win32 a lot and prefer to
either use the win installer or the enthought edition of
python for windows (which has wx as well as a number of other goodies
preinstalled).  Is there a reason you need to be using cygwin for your
python stuff?

John Hunter

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