GIL risky for threading and networking? (was Re: good book on multithreaded programming with Python)

Nick Vargish nav+posts at
Thu Nov 20 15:45:39 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> writes:

> Is this a case of fear arising out of ignorance? 

Most probably. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't have spoken up
if I hadn't seen the post I replied to.

I am planning on as pure Python an approach as possible, and have been
from the start. I certainly wasn't trying to borrow trouble from the
future or optimize too early in development.

> If you have specific reasons for the concern, please provide them so
> we can address them. 

This is the attitude that makes me tell my boss(es) that I get better
support from the open source community than I ever could from a
commercial outfit. Thanks!

> The GIL certainly doesn't get in the way of 
> soft real-time work in any way that's significant.

I'm going to proceed with that expectation, thanks again.


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