python a bust?

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Fri Nov 14 13:00:46 CET 2003

Thomas Guettler schrieb:
> Me, too. I like python very much. But most people
> who use computers since 1996 use either java, perl, C or bash.
> They know their language and don't want to change.
> One reason could be: python is too simple. If you write
> code that nobody understands (perl) you are a guru.

You are right. If you learn something that's hard to grasp for
others you are a guru. But in software development the tools should
add no unneccessary burden to the solution as the problems are
already hard enough.

An example of guru appeal I recently stumbled about are Perl's
Quantum::Superpositions which is really a nice idea. This module
is inspired by quantum physics but in fact applied probability
theory and predicate logic. But to say, "Hey, I just did quantum
computations in Perl" has surely more guru appeal than to say "Hey,
I just enumerated a sample space." :-)

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