Rekall and associated software go 100% GPL

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Mon Nov 10 06:05:09 CET 2003

John Dean
> > So please visit
> > and download download a copy for yourself.
> > order for you to be able to download you must register with the Total
> > Portal.

David M. Wilson
> I'm sure you are aware, that this is unenforcable under the GPL.

No it isn't.  Given John's statement above, it's completely valid and
enforceable.  Once you have the software you can redistribute it
without requiring that others register with Total Rekall Portal.

> People are free to redistribute without registration requirements.

Yup.  Note the "redistribute" part.  You have to get it in the first place.

> It is also interesting to see that after going to great (and
> controversial) lengths to give your users more freedom through this
> new license, you apply this 'petty' restriction of registration and
> mandatory notifications of new releases. This seems a little
> contradictory to me, 'sall.

Saying nothing about Rekall, but if I wanted to I could require
that you pay me $1 million and your home phone number before
you get a copy of my GPL'ed software.  You are at that point free
to redistribute the software without additional requirements, but
if you wish you could also redistribute it for $1 million a pop.

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