sleep() function, perhaps.

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Nov 25 16:00:56 CET 2003

    Ryan> I want to have a row of periods, separated by small, say, .5
    Ryan> second intervals between each other. Thus, for example, making it
    Ryan> have the appearance of a progress "bar".

You might find my progress module at

a good starting point.  Something like

    import progress, time
    ticker = progress.Progress(major=1, minor=1, majormark='.')
    while True:

running in a separate thread should do what you want.

In many situations you want to actually measure progress of some
computation.  If you can wedge in a call to ticker.tick() on each pass of
your main computation loop:

    import progress, time
    ticker = progress.Progress()
    while some_condition_holds:

you can watch your computation progress.

This is particularly helpful if you know how many passes you need to make
around the loop:

    import progress, time
    number_of_passes = 10000
    ticker = progress.Progress(title="(%d)" % number_of_passes)
    for i in xrange(number_of_passes):

The title displayed tells you how many loops to expect and the dots and
numbers measure your progress:

(10000): .........1.........2.........3.........4

and when you delete the ticker or it goes out-of-scope, it displays the
total number of ticks (which might be lower if the loop was exited

There are more bells and whistles.  Check the Progress class docstring for
full details.


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