ssh connections?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Nov 25 18:06:57 CET 2003

Laura Uixera Cotano wrote:
> I'm new in Python and I have to make a ssh connection to a proxy server.
> Can you tell me how can I do it?
> I've tried to find something useful, but I didn't find anything in books or
> in the internet.
> I have installed the version 1.5.2 of Python. Do you know if I need to
> install a newer one to use ssh connections?
> If you can tell me where can I find more information, please tell me.

Twisted has SSH (named "conch" therein), though I haven't tried it myself.

I did post a simple snippet that allowed using the "ssh" program on Linux
via pexpect.  Check the archives of the newsgroup/mailing list for that.
It was just a modified version of something that, as I recall, Eric Raymond
had written up.


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