Explanation of macros; Haskell macros

Dave Harris brangdon at cix.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 01:20:00 CET 2003

costanza at web.de (Pascal Costanza) wrote (abridged):
> mike420 is a troll.

Yes, but I enjoyed thinking and writing about his questions.

> Why is it that computer science is the only field in which "cutting 
> down possibilities" is considered to be "helpful"?!?

It's not. There's a maxim, "Form liberates". I think it's very profound 
and general. There's nothing so scary as a blank page.

For example, I find it easier to write C++ code if I adhere to a style 
guide, consistent indentation and naming etc. The freedom to indent all 
over the place just isn't useful. Having to make a decision about 
indentation at each line can lead to a form of analysis paralysis.

Likewise with working in stone, or any physical medium. Or attempting to 
write under artificial constraints, such as without using the letter 'e'. 
Such constraints can encourage, even force, more creative solutions.

-- Dave Harris, Nottingham, UK

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