newb comment request

Alexandre ac007 at
Thu Nov 27 18:21:23 CET 2003

> > Object oriented programming is about programming against interfaces, so
> > exessive type checking is a strong hint to design errors.
> I'm not sure i understand... well, let's put it that way : i'm sure i don't understand :)
> I guess i'll have to read about OO design... this is my first program, although i think i understand what OO means,
> not abble to write OO yet :/

ok... a little shower always help, now i understand your remark :)
The thing is, this first module is retrieving '_data' from another app.
This other app is not written to share '_data' with other apps.

So my first module should be the only one which deals with types checking because those data will then be available to
my app from a DB (... once i've written the second module :)

Thx again and regards,

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