2 different python versions / how to install packages?

Logan logan at phreaker.nospam
Sat Nov 22 02:59:38 CET 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 22:41:45 +0100, Logan wrote:

> I have two different Python versions on my Linux system
> (2.2 and 2.3). I cannot remove version 2.2 because many
> configuration files of the system depend on this version
> of Python (and its extensions).
> Now I want to install extension packages for Python 2.3;
> if the package is distributed via Distutils, this is no
> problem: 'python2.3 setup.py install' will do the job (i.e.
> put everything in the 'site-packages' folder of Python 2.3).
> But how do I e.g. install PyGtk etc. etc. for my second
> Python version (2.3)???

OK, figured it out for the following (compiling everything from
the sources):

- Tcl/Tk 8.4.4 (separate from Tcl/Tk 8.3.5 of Fedora Core 1)
- Python 2.3.2 with Tkinter
- libxml2/libxslt Python-bindings (libxml2 2.5.11)
- PyGTK 2.0.0 (Python bindings for GTK+ 2.0.x resp. 2.2.x)

Remark: This was not as straightforward as I thought; I think
(but maybe I am wrong) that Python is a mess on Red Hat 9 resp.
Fedora Core 1 Linux. If someone is interested in how to install 
and use a 'separate & clean' Python 2.3 as described above on 
Fedora Core 1, please let me know. I could post a short 'HOWTO'.

mailto: logan at phreaker(NoSpam).net

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