ANN: PyLogo 0.1

Ian Bicking ianb at
Wed Nov 19 19:33:06 CET 2003

On Nov 19, 2003, at 4:17 AM, user at domain.invalid wrote:
> Just tried it, and this is what I get
> ++++++++++++++++++
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/bin/pylogo", line 6, in ?
>     if os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(__file__)) == 'scripts':
> NameError: name '__file__' is not defined
> ++++++++++++++++++
> This is from both cvs and 0.1 release.

Well, it's hard for me to follow up on this without your email address. 
  I'm not quite sure why this is happening (though I admit it has 
happened to be before in other situations, it's not happening to me 
now).  I'm not sure why __file__ exists sometimes, and not other times. 
  I made a change to CVS to use sys.argv[0] is __file__ is missing 
(since it seems like this only occurs when calling a file as a script, 
as "pylogo" is called).

Ian Bicking | ianb at |

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