Matrix - Metaphors, Analogies and the REAL

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Nov 10 23:03:12 CET 2003

3seas wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> > 3seas wrote:
> >>
> >> Its in python code
> >>
> >>
> >
> > And this relates to your original post... how?
> are you trying to rationalize, justify the act of spamming Scott or anyone
> else did?

None of the above.  I was trying to understand the link between your
original post, which was merely a link to your own weblog or some kind 
of BBS or something, and the VIC project which as you say is now in Python.

> Reading the responses makes it clear some people posting to the thread know
> the project is being done in python.

Only after you pointed it out.  And "the project" was not mentioned in
your original post, and neither was Python.  I was attempting to figure
out the connection, and still am.

Nix that: I don't care any more, since obviously there is at least in your
mind some kind of link, and now that we are clearly talking about the VIC,
the original post is irrelevant.

> there is this concept called reading and another of following links.

I did both, and still found no link (no pun intended).

> perhaps I shoudl have been more direct, but its not like I'm not known in
> the news group. 

Your original post did not identify you.  We're not psychic.

> But still non of it is an excuse to commit acts of spam against me.

I won't argue that point, except to ask if your email address which 
you claim was "protected" was ever posted to a public site or newsgroup
ever in the past.  If it was, you had no protection and have no case 
against Scott.  I suspect both the mindspring and the threeseas addresses
have appeared on the net repeatedly.


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