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Tue Nov 18 23:31:57 CET 2003

Andy Koch wrote:
> Hello. I am new to Python and for the most part new to programming. The 
> best way to learn to write is to read, so I have been looking for a 
> website that has the code of programs written in Python. If anyone knows 
> of a good place to find something like this, I would be very grateful if 
> you could respond.
> Thanks!

Three to start with....

          // naturally!

O'Reillys' open source community portal thing, with a good python 
section. Leads to many more good sites, not just Python. (Apparently 
LAMP is an acronym LinuxApacheMySQLPerl, but they had to let Python join 
the party!)

http://www.uselesspython.com/   // you said you wanted to see code

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