newbie question, doesn't the opertion steps can be shorter?

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At 09:01 PM 11/10/2003, chenyu wrote:

>hi everyone,
>I have read others code and tried to add some test code by "print"
>command. But I found the operations in "pythonwin" are too much. Is
>there any unneccessary step in the operations? or short way?
>For example, use interactive window, "classA" file
>1. modify file "" by add one line of modification code into
>"__init__" method.
>2. push the "Save button" or "ctrl-s"
>3. push the "check button"
>4. push the "reload button"
>5. switch to "interactive window"
>6. add "from class1 import classA" line
>7. create new object of "classA"

It would help if you told us more about what you want to do.

However 4. reload does save and check, so you can drop 2 and 3 above.

Why are you doing some of the testing in the interactive window? It is 
often easier to add the test code to in its edit window, then run 
the code by pressing F5 or using the debugger.

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