GLUT/Tk problem

Fulko van Westrenen fulko at
Thu Nov 13 15:07:35 CET 2003


I'm very new to Python and rather unexperienced in OpenGL, and now I 
try to learn both at the same time. I can find my way around in Perl 
with Perl/Tk.

What I try to do is combining Tk and GLUT. Based on the code
(from the examples) I wrote a working application that reacts fine to my
keyboard. Now I would like to add some Tk widgets, like 'Quit' in the example. The problem is that takes a
different approach for creating the window than the GLUT way in, and I can't get a working application with a GLUT area and a
Tk area. The GLUT/OpenGL application keeps on running fine, but no
buttons, sliders and other nice widgets.

Can anyone help me adding some Tk elements to the example? (in
a way that a newbee as me can understand how it is done :) Later, the 
application needs to listen to UDP/TCP, and react to that. If you have 
a suggestion for that, I'm very grateful too.

Thank you,

Fulko van Westrenen
fwes at

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