Leo + Python: the ultimate scripting tool: Conclusion

Stephen Horne steve at ninereeds.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 12:15:33 CET 2003

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:59:20 GMT, JanC <usenet_spam at janc.invalid>

>"Edward K. Ream" <edreamleo at charter.net> schreef:
>>>  Such a request is *NOT* a legitimate 'anti-junk-mail' measure.
>> Yes, it is.  If you aren't willing to take 20 sec. to talk to me, then
>> I'm not willing to talk to you.  Bye.
>One question: why not let people do this "confirmation" through email 
>instead of requiring them to start a separate program?  Something like a 
>mailing list confirmation mail?

If the approval is via e-mail then you have to accept e-mail from
unknown people in order to recieve the approval requests in the first
place. That means you still recieve the spam.

Of course you could make up some scheme with a standard subject line
that is recognised as an authorisation request.

Steve Horne

steve at ninereeds dot fsnet dot co dot uk

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