Newbi q: show prog

Rony bucodi at
Wed Nov 26 09:07:17 CET 2003

Christoffer T wrote on 25 Nov 2003 23:27:17 -0800 in : <efa262d6.0311252327.6c3fa8d1 at>

You propably have an error in your code.
To check:
Open a dos window in your program directory
type python
you wil see the output and the window won't close

> Sorry for bad subjekt.
> I have just started to learn programing, and python sound like a god
> choice.
> But there is something I do not understand. 
> I want to write the code in notepad, and then open in a window. I use
> win98.
> I have tried to write "python" in run, but it just very fast
> open and close dos window. So what should I do to get to show the
> program.
> I know that I can write directly in python but that only is good for
> testing small bits right.
> I hope u can help me get going, cours it all sound exiting making
> programs.

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