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mark mark at
Thu Nov 27 01:24:48 CET 2003

Since distutils is a recent topic (of sorts), I figured it was time to
post my quandary.
I have a utility I've written, and I wanted to create a standalone
executable from it.  I tried using Installer (which I've used in the
past), with no success.  Now I'm trying py2exe.  I use the bdist_wininst
method (?) and it seems to create all the files.  However, nothing
happens when I double-click the .exe file.  I saw similar behavior from
Installer, so I'm inclined to think there's something wrong with the
script.  It runs fine from my Python directory.  I am currently
searching the code for any weird hard-coded pathnames or something like
that, but I don't think that should matter.
All that being said, I'm attaching the script for general perusal, in
the hopes that I might garner some insight from the educated masses.
Apologies in advance for any horrific violations of basic coding
principles, as I have no formal education in programming.
Some pertinent information: This is being run and built on WinXP, using
Python 2.3 and Tk 8.4 (through Tkinter).  I will be happy to supply any
additional information required.
- Mark Daley
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