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Oliver Walczak oliver.walczak at
Thu Nov 27 15:46:19 CET 2003

Dear Gandalf,
You might want to know that there is a new sapdb package which is not
visible on the website. Please refer to

Best regards

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You are my man! :-)
It took me about 10 minutes to figure out that the user name must be 
(it is not documented). But now it works fine. Thank you!

>If you download the SAP DB Python modules, under the sapdb package
>directory, you will find different subfolders called python15, python20,
>python21, python22 and python23. To get it working, you should rename the
>folder that corresponds to your python to pythondef. Then, try to reimport
>the sapdb package and all should be working fine.
>My sapdb package directory structure looks as follows:


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