Rekall and associated software go 100% GPL

Ben Finney bignose-hates-spam at
Mon Nov 17 00:08:03 CET 2003

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 21:41:26 GMT, John Dean wrote:
> On 10-Nov-2003, Ben Finney wrote:
>> Like others have stated, I'm waiting to see if the other parties with
>> copyright interest in Rekall (i.e. TheKompany) agree to the release
>> of code under the GPL.
> TheKompany should be making an announcement on NewForge/Slashdot
> tomorrow, 17th Nov.

Thanks, I'll look for it with interest.

> There isn't a rekall-anounce mailing list

Nothing prevents you starting one.  This would be a useful service, *to
those who want it*, rather than requiring everyone who gets the code
from you to also be on such a list.

> and since very few people sign up to mailing lists in the first place,
> I have chosen to do it this way

So long as you're not making requirements contrary to the GPL on the
code, you can choose to release it however you like.  Once people have
it, they can do with it whatever they like in compliance with the GPL.

>> > You should also be aware that in order for for us to continue the
>> > future development of Rekall we will have to charge for technical
>> > support, customisation, training and consulting, therefore, now
>> > that we have gone wholly GPL, you will have to take out a technical
>> > support subscription.
>> Sounds like a fine way to fund development and infrastructure.
> We have to make a living. Now you wouldn't begrudge that, would you.

I begrudge no-one the right to make a living, so long as they don't do
it by restricting others.  Your proposed methods in the above paragraph
sound like a fine way to fund free software development and
infrastructure, which is why I said so.

> Besides nobody is compelling you to take out a subscripion, are they.
> We could always revert back to the commercial license, if you would
> prefer.

I'm not sure why you are addressing an attitude I've not expressed.
Perhaps you thought I was being sarcastic -- always a dubious
proposition in a text-only medium.

I truly do think that charging money for services that add value without
requiring artificial restriction -- support, customisation, training,
consulting -- are fine ways to fund free software.  I hope it works out

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