libmysqld.dll - any working example?

JZ jroznfgre at
Sat Nov 29 10:07:04 CET 2003

On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:40:56 GMT, Joe Francia <usenet at>

>Unless you're totally married to MySQL, you may want to consider using 
>one of the embeddable databases for Python, such as Sleepycat's 
>Berkeley, Metakit, PySQLite, Kinterbase, etc.  I've used Berkeley, 
>Metakit and PySQLite, and they're all very good, each serving somewhat 
>different needs.  Shouldn't be too much effort to pull the data out of 
>MySQL and into something else.

I do not want to use other database because my application *have to*
work in full mysql server *and* (with _very_ little effort) with embed
sql *without changing any sql queries*. It is multiplatform
application (MySQL/Linux & MSSQL2k/Win32) I thought about SQlite, but
it is no compatible with some queries. and I do not want to parse them
with regular expressions.

I checked mysql.h and  I found the following piece of code:

  Set up and bring down the server; to ensure that applications will
  work when linked against either the standard client library or the
  embedded server library, these functions should be called.
int STDCALL mysql_server_init(int argc, char **argv, char **groups);
void STDCALL mysql_server_end(void);

Those functions seems to be *no implemented* in MySQLdb (I could not
find them in _mysql.c file) :(

If I understood the comment above, MySQLdb could be compiled with
standard client library or with embed server library - not with both
of them, right? :(


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