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> "Sean Cody" <sean at -[NOSPAMPLEASE]> writes:
> > I use a lot of member variables. Is there a way to not have
> > to reference  members by self.member.

1. call the parameter s instead of self; then it is s.member.
But best not to post code with that, lest you upset some readers ;-).

> >  Back in the day in pascal you could do stuff like
> > "with self begin do_stuff(member_variable); end;"
> > which was extremely useful for large 'records.'

There have been proposals something like that, but they do not seem to
fit Python too well.


> Well, obviously, there's:
>     mv = self.member_variable
>     do_stuff(mv)

In case you think this a hack, it is not.  Copying things into the
local variable space (from builtins, globals, attributes) is a fairly
common idiom.  When a value is used repeatedly (like in a loop), the
copying is paid for by faster repeated access.

Terry J. Reedy

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