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phil hunt philh at
Thu Nov 6 18:51:36 CET 2003

On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:23:25 +0000, Richie Hindle <richie at> wrote:
>> Rekall is to be released under the GPL
>Your website ( says "The GPL version would be
>free for non-commercial use", which is a contradiction. 

Not at all. The website says:

We are thinking of releasing the Linux version Rekall under a duel 
licensing scheme. There would be a free for non-commercial use GPL 
version and the normal commercial version.

The GPL would not include any kind of support whatsoever, therefore 
you would need to take out a support subscription.
The GPL version would be free for non-commercial use.

The commerical version would include a basic level support 
subscription valid for 12 months and you would be allowed to use 
Rekall commerically. 

There's nothing innacurate or contradictory in that statement. After 
all, the GPL *is* "free for non-commercial use"; it just happens to 
be free for commerical use as well -- and the website doesn't say 
that it isn't, it just omits to mention that it is.

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