Ques From CS Grad Student

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Nov 28 00:54:09 CET 2003

"John J. Lee" wrote:
> martin at v.loewis.de (Martin v. Löwis) writes:
> > Peter Hansen <peter at engcorp.com> writes:
> [...]
> > P.S. This looks too much like homework for me to give a more useful
> > answer.
> (S)he did openly state that it was for a presentation required for the
> course -- (s)he's not trying to sneak it past you.
> Often, such presentations in undergraduate courses are mostly for
> practicing public speaking and putting together a talk, rather than
> anything to do with the academic content, so it's not necessarily
> "cheating" to ask for info.

(S)he also clearly stated the nature of the course, and from that
description (and the fact that this is a *Master's* student, FCOL)
it seems clear to me that actually doing the research is one of the

> I agree (s)he doesn't seem to have done the easy stuff before posting,
> though.

I guess we're all agreed on that. :-)

Between my and Martin's replies, the bulk of the question is 
effectively answered with a little more legwork.  Shouldn't really
be a problem to do it, and come back with perhaps one or two followup
questions that ask for, say, clarification on what the OP learned about
question 5, provided this isn't also an assignment that is due tomorrow!


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