[XPOST] [REQ] open source multimedia authoring tools? In python maybe?

Miika Keskinen miika.keskinen at utu.fi
Thu Nov 6 04:39:32 CET 2003

> So, what i'm asking is: Am I missing something? Is there a fabled "Zope 
> for CD authoring" I never heard about? If it's indeed missing, i could 
> start building some simple classes and share them with, like, anyone 
> interested :)
> I could use something like, say, PythonCard and ZODB, trying to define 
> clearly an high-level framework to allow the rapid construction of 
> simple multimedia e-learning apps. That is, if you don't point me to the 
> guys that already did it, of course...

First of all PyGame comes to my mind. There are several high-level
gui-toolkits based on or built on top of PyGame. Alltough using different
media formats is mostly trivial. You're right there isn't such tool as
director (or at least afaik). Building such on top of PyGame should not be
nevertheless too hard. 

I just wanted to raise this opportunity :)


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