Py2exe on windows

Dave Brueck dave at
Sun Nov 2 03:52:07 CET 2003

> I'm trying to change the icon py2exe gives you for your win32 App.
> According to their website the syntax is : python py2exe --icon
> I've tried this without success. Is there another way to do this?


For your own sake, *please* take the time to include more information in
your questions - the quality of the response you'll receive is directly
related to the quality of your question. As an example, here's how you could
re-ask your above question and garner a lot more responses:

---- < begin example post > ---

I'm using py2exe 5.7 on Windows XP with Python 2.4.12 that I downloaded from
ActiveState. I'm trying to change the icon that py2exe uses in the
application it creates. I checked the py2exe documentation, and it said I
need to use the "--icon" parameter. I tried this, but it didn't seem to work
like I expected because I got a "foo baz biff" error. I've pasted below the
commands I entered and the error message I got back:

c:\> cd project
c:\project> python py2exe --icon foo.ico
[ the entire error message -- NOT a summary! ]

I've verified that foo.ico exists in that directory. Can anyone offer advice
on what I might be doing wrong?
--- < end example post > ---

Note that in the above example it gives information about the system you're
using, the version of Python you're using, etc. Instead of summarizing what
you typed in, it has pasted in the _exact_ text you entered so no
information gets lost. Also, rather than simply saying, "I tried this
without success", it shows the exact error you got back. Above all, it shows
that you've taken the time to read the documentation, taken the time to
collect enough information for others to help you, taken the time to think
about the most obvious reasons for the problem and done your best to solve
the problem on your own, and taken the time to combine it all into a direct
and specific question. Anything less than this is telling the readers of
your question that you're not really serious about getting help.

Good luck!

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