Rekall not longer available from - a fabrication

Paul Rubin http
Wed Nov 5 17:54:41 CET 2003

GrayGeek <jkrepsBEAR at> writes:
> I don't know.  I'd love to convert totally to Python (I am using
> Boa-Constructor) but right now I am having a hard time finding an Oracle 9i
> driver that works.  Neither cx_Oracle for Python 2.2 or the one for 2.3
> work.  They fail on the import statement.  I don't want to use jpython's
> driver.

Maybe you can use MxDB or whatever it's called, if you want to
use something non-free (e.g. if you were willing to use TKC Rekall
in the first place, and since you're using Oracle anyway).  

I think it's a ridiculous deficiency in Python that it doesn't come
with database drivers in its standard library.  Maybe someone can port
over the ones from PHP or Perl DBI.  I'd be willing to do that if
funding and access to a development box with the relevant databases is

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