wxpython : wxDc and Refresh() = flash

Brian Kelley bkelley at wi.mit.edu
Wed Nov 19 19:17:29 CET 2003

marco wrote:
> Juste a simple question about the DC in wxpython ...
> I've made a wxWindow class, where i need to paint myself the content.
> so i've added an evt_paint() to draw in the wxPaintDC ...
> It works like a charm !! superb
> To trigg the painter event, in some codes, i use the Refresh() method
> It works greatly !

Two points
1) you would do well to subscribe to the wxPython news group, they 
specifically handle wxPython related issues and you will have a better 
shot at getting the right answer.


2) In the demos supplied by wxPython, see the wxScrolledWindow example. 
  They show how to use a double buffering screen that will help prevent 
the flashing screen when it is being redrawn.  Just look for


in the code.  If you don't have access to this, I'll send it to you.


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