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Fri Nov 14 19:28:46 CET 2003

John Bradbury wrote:

> Peter Kropf wrote:
>> Take a look at PyQt
>> ( It has a pyuic
>> component that will compile the .ui files into .py.
>> - Peter
> Thanks,  this is just what I am after.
> John

Anf if you want to make your life even more comfortable take a look at
eric3. This is a Python IDE written using PyQt. It includes interfaces
to QtDesigner and pyuic (among many other features.)


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>>> Is there any way to take the output produced by Qt designer
>>> (or any other
>>> GUI designer) and use it in Python to create a screen?  There
>>> must be a
>>> better way of creating screens than having to use the TkInter
>>> routnes and
>>> add every widget one by one in the program.

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