Writing an NLP System in Python

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On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 13:55:47 +0000 "A. T." <inaleagueofmyown @spam
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> I am trying to write a program in python 
> that can parse simple sentences [...]

sourceforge has a great many python projects.
one of the best kept secrets about python you
can uncover with simple web searches is that
nearly anything you can think of has already 
been tried. there is allot of code available.
try python NLP -snake -monty from ex: at yahoo
http://nltk.sf.net one of many to consider.

you might find, depending on your user base that
the sentence construction, acronyms & abbreviations
people tend to use will outweigh any value
beyond listing what schedules you have available 
in your database and letting them pick.

> I am learning python, for the first time, 

the first time is the best, don't rush it!
work through the tutorial on python.org
diveintopython, instant python and a few others
so you can understand which parts of the code
you find apply to the problem you want to solve.
another excellent resource is the archive of this group.

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