case-sensitivity (was Re: True, False, None)

Anthony Briggs abriggs at
Fri Nov 14 12:36:37 CET 2003

At 4:03 PM +0000 12/11/03, Alex Martelli wrote:
>Michele Simionato wrote:
>  > I never understood why you advocate case insensitivity. I would expect
>>  case insensitivity to be a source of bugs: for instance, identifiers
>>  with similar names could be confused (es. myfunction vs. myFunction):
>>  one would expect them to be different (at least people coming from
>  > case insensitive languages) whereas they would be the same.
>People coming from (an exclusive diet of) case _sensitive_ (not, as you
>say, INsensitive!)

Personally, I'm _case sensitive insensitive_. I can't bring myself to 
be sensitive towards people who are case sensitive ;)

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