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Jim jimb417 at NOSPAMtotalspeed.net
Tue Nov 11 20:00:55 CET 2003

Ryan Silverwood wrote:

> I want to write a python program which will calculate a person's net annual
> income after tax, given the following rules: *The first 1500 is tax free
> *any amount earned over £1500 and upto £35000 is taxed at 30%
> *and amount earned over £35000 is taxed at 45%
> if anyone could help it would be much appreciated
> thanx

Oh come on, this is too easy:

IF X<=1500 THEN TAX=0
IF X>1500 AND X<=35000 THEN TAX=X*.30
IF X>35000 THEN TAX=X*.45

I'll let you figure out how to do this in Python.

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