Problem with McMillans Installer

Eric Brunel eric.brunel at
Mon Nov 10 16:35:24 CET 2003

Mikael Lexén wrote:
> Hi
> I have the following code
> fileName="test.txt"
> inputFile=file(fileName,'r')
> b = unicode(, 'utf-8')
> inputFile.close()
> outputFile=file(fileName,'w')
> print >> outputFile, b.encode('iso-8859-1')
> outputFile.close()
> This code works ok. Then I use the Installer and made a --onefile 
> "binary". The building process is also ok but when I try to execute the 
> program I get the following error
> c:\python\siebel>convert "copy of test.txt"
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "<string>", line 18, in ?
> LookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding
> I change to --onedir build and get the same result. I did some  tests 
> and found that if I put the "encodings" directory (from 
> ".../python22/lib" directory)  in the  "--onedir" directory everything 
> works ok . So my question is how can I tell the Installer to get the 
> "encodings" directory  in the build process?

Expicitely importing the codecs module in the Python program should solve the 

BTW, McMillan Installer has its own mailing list (see You'll usually get quicker 
and/or better answers if you post your questions there rather than on

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