Regular expression code implementation review between Tcl vs Python

Bernard Delmée bdelmee at
Thu Nov 13 19:08:23 CET 2003

> _Some_ OS projects, such as Mozilla or KDE, appear to thrive on C++, 
 > I believe, and enforce SOME subsetting effectively.

In the case of Mozilla, some guidelines are available at
I don't know whether this is still enforced, since this document is 5 
years old. And it shows: no templates allowed (hence no STL), no 
exceptions, no RTTI... Phew! Must be very frustrating to follow, but if 
such is the price of portability...

Also, using C++ for implementing scripting languages complicates 
interfacing to extensions in the form of dynamic libraries, because of 
the various name-mangling schemes different compilers use. How does 
boost solve that problem, btw?

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