Frustration with Boa Constructor

Javier Ruere javier_ruere at
Sun Nov 23 21:15:58 CET 2003

Kylotan wrote:
> Javier Ruere <javier_ruere at> wrote in message news:<mailman.995.1069540260.702.python-list at>...
>>  Boa now supports wxSizers.
> The version I have is the same one that is available for download on
> the website and seems to have absolutely nothing on wxSizers. In fact
> I remember reading recently that there is preliminary support but it
> is only in CVS. Perhaps that is what you mean?

  Yes, that's what I meant. Sizer were added in version 0.2.5 IIRC and
only 0.2.3 seems to be available.
  I never used an application directly from CVS before Boa but, since
releases are so far apart and the quality of the code is so good, I
started using the checkout directly. I think it was a really good idea
in this particular case.


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