Python versus VB

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Tue Nov 4 09:57:16 CET 2003

"Jeff Hinrichs" <jlh at> wrote in message
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> misleading.  Ever try and write a simple editor in FORTRAN?

Nah - why would I? Masochism?

That sort of thing is what Python is *for* - it is actually not bad at all
for Numeric Modelling, since you mentioned Fortran, either - given that one
can buy GHz CPU's cheaper every week and kind Python people have provided us
with plenty of batteries to stick in our applications..

> > If OTHOH the appliaction needs to integrate with MS-Office VB may be the
> > simplest.
> FUD - VB doesn't offer anything you can't get at with Python. In fact
> are no evil genies, pardon me, wizards, that make office automation easier
> in VB than Python.  You're still stuck with a COM interface.

Ahem - The point I was trying to make was: It all Depends what you need to
*do* does it not?

If, say, all the OP needs to achieve is some massaging of strings between
one MS-office app, say Access - for example to circumvent that entirely
stupid and undocumented by MS 1 second minimum time resolution hardcoded
into Access, and maybe a MS-Word form then certainly it will be easier to
hack something up with the tools that are already lurking inside the
platform IMO.

> As someone who dropped VB 2+ years ago in favor of Python, you can take
> to the bank.

I believe you - for *advanced* tasks I think Python would be better too;
Does the OP need it for the task at hand?

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