PyQt, Qt, Windows and Linux

Phil Thompson phil at
Sun Nov 16 22:05:06 CET 2003

On Sunday 16 November 2003 8:30 pm, Jim wrote:
> On 3 Nov 2003 13:21:56 -0800, codeapocalypse at (Brian) wrotf:
> >Alex Martelli <aleax at> wrote in message news:<KVcpb.399539$R32.
> >
> >>Vamsi Mudrageda wrote:
> >>> 2) Do I need to buy a license from TrollTech?
> >>
> >> Yes, or from one of Trolltech's licensed resellers of licenses.  The
> >> cheapest way you can proceed, I believe, is to buy Blackadder, personal
> >> edition, from it comes with personal-use licenses of
> >> PyQt and Qt for both Linux and Windows (I _think_ mac, too, but I don't
> >> know about that).  I believe it currently costs US $70 .
> >
> >Note that according to the BlackAdder page at, you must
> >purchase the business edition ($400, currently) if you want the right
> >to distribute the run-time elements of it.  I'm not sure if the OP
> >only wanted to distribute an app for use on his own windows box, or
> >distribute his application on the net for use by others.
> >
> >Trolltech's pricing strategy, for me, keeps me on wxWindows.  Qt does
> >seem like an excellent product, however.
> Could someone please explain this to me. I am still a little confused. I am
> just about to buy BlackAdder but want to make sure it will suit my needs.
> The question I have is this;  if I get the Personal Edition, I know I can't
> distribute the run-time elements commercially (sell my programs) but can I
> in distribute them in a non-commercial way?

No. Personal means personal to you.


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